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03 February 2010

Suicidal Ninja

Ever seen a ninja who pops out of nowhere, slashes someone and disappear in the mist of a smoke bomb? I'm sure you have.

Ever seen a ninja who ripped his shirt wide open, does some cool somersault, then yells and lunge himself against an incompetent army of mooks? I'm sure you have.

Ever seen a ninja who could use a lightsaber, deflect laser beams and does a force push? Oh wait, those are jedi, not ninjas.

Anyways, here is a story not so common in the ninja world.
A ninja who jumped out from a three story building, teased the police force only to taunt a bunch of 20 police to have him killed. Now that is a suicidal ninja!

Read story at:
Cops Subdue Sword-Swinging man

Just an interesting note:

What would you do if you see a man dressed in black with a samurai sword who keeps on shouting "KILL ME"?

4 ninja comment(s):

kenwooi said...

lol.. funny guy based on how it was described.. i guess he has good acrobatic skills.. =P


Wen Pink said...

hahhaa this guy is always very funny. watched a video on him before and he kinda makes some sense too :)

Anonymous said...

Well I acquiesce in but I think the post should prepare more info then it has.

Ninja Coffee said...

I'm guessing that as well. Good acrobatic skills.

Yaya, I like his vidoes. Fluffee

I've learn a new word today.
Acquiesce. Now that is a word I've never anyone use before.
Oh yea, btw, I'll try to prepare info next time around. Thanks for the feedback