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31 January 2010

The Tenth Post-mandment

"In Chinese culture, a baby's first month birthday calls for a celebration. Proud parents introduce their latest addition to friends and relatives by holding a red egg and ginger party"

This blog [NinjaCoffee] was initiated on the last day of last year, 2009. Frankly, I'm amazed that it survived past a month. This calls for a celebration!

Speaking of celebrations, have you noticed that we humans love to celebrate? Turn to every corner and I assure you that humans celebrate anything and everything under the sun. I mean, just take a look at the things that we celebrate:
- Independence day
- Birthday
- Valentine's Day
- Bubble wrap day (This is real! I kid you not.)
- Arthur's Day
- Ninja's Day (5th Dec. This is real too.)
- Coffee Day
We even have a celebration for a white fat guy breaking into houses stealing milk and cookies. If this trend stays true to its course, we may soon have blogger's day, FaceBook day, Youtube day, computer day, TV day, bloghopping day, blogwalking day, blogsurfing day, blogblog day, even blogblogblog day.

Wait wait... Before your imagination runs wild and decide to create a 'day' of your own, I want let you all know that this post is also the official tenth post coming from Ninja Coffee. This calls for a double celebration! Hence I shall declare today as a World Public Holiday. If anyone ask to why you didn't turn up for work, or school, just say ninjas declared today as a holiday. I assure you that no questions will be asked. No one messes with the ninja.

Oh oh....Before I close this post, I would like to shout out to those who have been supporting my blog all along. Notably the following people who consistently comment on my post:
- Dak Wan
- Karen
- PoisonKagero
- Kenwooi
- Wen Pink

Also, get this guy, Caloy as your frequent commenter. Caloy wrote an original comment in this post. He contributed two comments in this blog so far, but base on past performance, Caloy makes a great blog commenter. (ever consider a career in giving comment out comments, caloy?)

Special thanks to KenWooi and Curryegg who so eagerly replied all my emails and patiently attended to many of my funny ninja questions on 'how to blog'.

What is your all time favourite celebration?

5 ninja comment(s):

kenwooi said...

didn't expect my name to be mentioned.. haha..

and World Public Holiday? Woohoo! I just came back from some holiday.. lol =P


caloy said...

asians likes holidays. they have holidays for almost anything and everything. lol

Karen said...

thanks for mention~! I need a coffee day (been dozing off involuntarily)

Anonymous said...

Good post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

Ninja Coffee said...


Agreed. I am an asian, and I love my holidays. Its the only thing i look forward to.

Yay, some coffee bean for you.

Your welcomed. Good to hear that