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03 February 2010

Suicidal Ninja

Ever seen a ninja who pops out of nowhere, slashes someone and disappear in the mist of a smoke bomb? I'm sure you have.

Ever seen a ninja who ripped his shirt wide open, does some cool somersault, then yells and lunge himself against an incompetent army of mooks? I'm sure you have.

Ever seen a ninja who could use a lightsaber, deflect laser beams and does a force push? Oh wait, those are jedi, not ninjas.

Anyways, here is a story not so common in the ninja world.
A ninja who jumped out from a three story building, teased the police force only to taunt a bunch of 20 police to have him killed. Now that is a suicidal ninja!

Read story at:
Cops Subdue Sword-Swinging man

Just an interesting note:

What would you do if you see a man dressed in black with a samurai sword who keeps on shouting "KILL ME"?

31 January 2010

The Tenth Post-mandment

"In Chinese culture, a baby's first month birthday calls for a celebration. Proud parents introduce their latest addition to friends and relatives by holding a red egg and ginger party"

This blog [NinjaCoffee] was initiated on the last day of last year, 2009. Frankly, I'm amazed that it survived past a month. This calls for a celebration!

Speaking of celebrations, have you noticed that we humans love to celebrate? Turn to every corner and I assure you that humans celebrate anything and everything under the sun. I mean, just take a look at the things that we celebrate:
- Independence day
- Birthday
- Valentine's Day
- Bubble wrap day (This is real! I kid you not.)
- Arthur's Day
- Ninja's Day (5th Dec. This is real too.)
- Coffee Day
We even have a celebration for a white fat guy breaking into houses stealing milk and cookies. If this trend stays true to its course, we may soon have blogger's day, FaceBook day, Youtube day, computer day, TV day, bloghopping day, blogwalking day, blogsurfing day, blogblog day, even blogblogblog day.

Wait wait... Before your imagination runs wild and decide to create a 'day' of your own, I want let you all know that this post is also the official tenth post coming from Ninja Coffee. This calls for a double celebration! Hence I shall declare today as a World Public Holiday. If anyone ask to why you didn't turn up for work, or school, just say ninjas declared today as a holiday. I assure you that no questions will be asked. No one messes with the ninja.

Oh oh....Before I close this post, I would like to shout out to those who have been supporting my blog all along. Notably the following people who consistently comment on my post:
- Dak Wan
- Karen
- PoisonKagero
- Kenwooi
- Wen Pink

Also, get this guy, Caloy as your frequent commenter. Caloy wrote an original comment in this post. He contributed two comments in this blog so far, but base on past performance, Caloy makes a great blog commenter. (ever consider a career in giving comment out comments, caloy?)

Special thanks to KenWooi and Curryegg who so eagerly replied all my emails and patiently attended to many of my funny ninja questions on 'how to blog'.

What is your all time favourite celebration?

21 January 2010

Personalizing You by Other Men

"As for me , Headers are pretty much personal . Unconsciously we're judged by our header. It's like a first impression to me , I suppose. So , I am happy to say that I am going to do this for the love of blogs." - Mr.TwiStar

TwiStar: "Headers are pretty much personal."

Ninja: "No they are not. They are designed by people who have no personality. Mainly artist"

TwiStar: " Unconsciously we're judged by our header."

Ninja: "No. Consciously, we're judged by our header."

TwiStar: "It's like a first impression to me , I suppose."

Ninja: "No. Blog address is the first impression. Header, comes second."

TwiStar: "I am happy to say that I am going to do this for the love of blogs."

Ninja: "Love of guys - Gays... Love of women - Lesbian... Love of blogs - Sickening!"

TwiStar: "what you're waiting for? Join in the fun! Because it's gonna be personal!"

Ninja: "Personal? No... Me alone in this blog post is personal. Me and you in this blog post is not exactly personal."

*Assassinates Mr.TwiStar with coffee*
Ninja: "Now it's personal."

Ain't that all fun?
Anyways, the purpose of this blogpost is rather a selfish one. This is a contest post contesting for a blog header. I need a new header, and so happen Mr.TwiStar is offering to design a new header to those who would sell a blogpost in credit to his blog address, http://www.mrtwistar.com.

I could understand how much effort one has to put in the design of a blog header, especially if its for their own. Similarly, I had my frustration when I designed my own header.

I know my header is cool and all, but I'm sure a real ARTIST could do a better job with less effort. And Mr.TwiStar, a student of art is offering to design a header in return for a blogpost. Ain't life good?
Check out the contest @ http://www.mrtwistar.com/2010/01/personalizing-you-season-1.html.

Did you design your own header? If so, do you take pride in your blog header?

18 January 2010

Journey to the dark side of the coin

Flip a coin, hope for heads, get tails, cry.

For the longest time, coins to me are money. A coin may buy me a coffee bean, a gazillion coins may buy me an assassin. I don't think much about coins other than the fact that they are money, the root of all evil. Boy, let me tell you that I never look at a coin the same way after noticing the OBVIOUS fact that there are two sides to a coin.

I was intrigued, fascinated that the two sides are different from each other. If you ask me, I'd say that the coin is designed by an art student. I mean, why the ninja would anyone want to design two different image on a coin. Its not like they serve any purpose. Pause for a moment and think about it, even if a coin has identical sides, they'll still be able to buy you a slave. They are money after all.

Back to being double sided. If a coin has two sides, what about other stuff. You know,stuff, as in stuff. The stuff that makes up the whole universe and stuff. You know, stuff... Just stuff that makes up other stuff. I'm sure you are confused by now. Let me give you an analogy to clear things up:

Light side of the coin:
Friends supports you, they strengthen you. Friends are a good way of keeping your sanity at check. In short, Friends are good and they are essential to your well-being.
"There are big ships and small ships.  But the best ship of all is friendship."  ~Author Unknown

Dark side of the coin
Friends are god's way of telling you just how weak and pathetic you are. Without them, you will break and fall faster than any light can travel.
"A good friend is cheaper than therapy."  ~Author Unknown

Even the phrase 'friends' have double meaning. Double-sided coins. We often see things as it is. Thing is: have you ever pause to consider the other extreme side of the coin?

Consider this:
When I say "You are unique!", What could possibly be the extreme side of the coin?