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18 January 2010

Journey to the dark side of the coin

Flip a coin, hope for heads, get tails, cry.

For the longest time, coins to me are money. A coin may buy me a coffee bean, a gazillion coins may buy me an assassin. I don't think much about coins other than the fact that they are money, the root of all evil. Boy, let me tell you that I never look at a coin the same way after noticing the OBVIOUS fact that there are two sides to a coin.

I was intrigued, fascinated that the two sides are different from each other. If you ask me, I'd say that the coin is designed by an art student. I mean, why the ninja would anyone want to design two different image on a coin. Its not like they serve any purpose. Pause for a moment and think about it, even if a coin has identical sides, they'll still be able to buy you a slave. They are money after all.

Back to being double sided. If a coin has two sides, what about other stuff. You know,stuff, as in stuff. The stuff that makes up the whole universe and stuff. You know, stuff... Just stuff that makes up other stuff. I'm sure you are confused by now. Let me give you an analogy to clear things up:

Light side of the coin:
Friends supports you, they strengthen you. Friends are a good way of keeping your sanity at check. In short, Friends are good and they are essential to your well-being.
"There are big ships and small ships.  But the best ship of all is friendship."  ~Author Unknown

Dark side of the coin
Friends are god's way of telling you just how weak and pathetic you are. Without them, you will break and fall faster than any light can travel.
"A good friend is cheaper than therapy."  ~Author Unknown

Even the phrase 'friends' have double meaning. Double-sided coins. We often see things as it is. Thing is: have you ever pause to consider the other extreme side of the coin?

Consider this:
When I say "You are unique!", What could possibly be the extreme side of the coin?

14 ninja comment(s):

Dak Wan said...

It means u r mad! Hehehe

caloy said...

very interesting post. he he he

each side of the coin has different faces because it serves a specific purpose. on one side, you have the face value of the coin where you will see how much the exact monetary value marked and considered legal tender.

On the other side, you have the design or the device type. This is the principal graphic design to a coin, may it be a portrait of a national hero or a national emblem.

Just like all things, a coin can represent the enigmatic concept of the duality of nature. Where it stipulates that one cannot exists without the other.

iewnihc said...

why don't we just see the brighter side?!?! =]

alleo said...

XD nice coin huh

PoisonKagero said...

Haha nice post. If you said I am uniqe, the extreme side is... "you're weird beyond all reason" =p.

LOL what aura of leadership hahaha ;p

Pretsel Maker said...

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wen pink said...

nice post! something i've never thought about before and now it is something for me to ponder..

Ninja Coffee said...

[Dak Wan]
Why, thanks! If i were sane, I wouldn't be in the ninja business.

"Represent the enigmatic concept of duality of nature". This is intereting. I like this statement of yours. It never dawned me to why coins have 2 sides, but after reading your comment, I can now see why coins are made that way.

Coz i want to protect my eyes. Besides, the darker the shades, the cooler it looks. XD

Why, thanks!

Ninja Coffee said...

"you're weird beyond all reason"
Ahaha, I like that thinking of yours!

[Pretsel Maker]
Er... not sure if your comment fits over here, but ok.

[Wen Pink]
Hehey, its always good to know that this post have open up an eye. Thanks for the comment

wayangtimes said...

hey u have an interesting blog here. i thought that the coin theories u discussed here is quite interesting, though abit deep for me lol.

Himmat Singh said...

Hey mayte!
Lol...two perceptions on friends?
And flip a coin...its pure luck for me.
ANyways, nice post here :)

Dak Wan said...

No lah..u ask >>

When I say "You are unique!", What could possibly be the extreme side of the coin?

Extreme side of the coin will be "You are mad!"

Anyway, Thomas Alva Edison have been known to be a "mad genius" rite? The same with "Lim Goh Tong".

Keep on bringing all the good article k?

GYEO said...

"Friends is an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which premiered on NBC on September 22, 1994" ~ Author wikipedia

Ninja Coffee said...

Thanks for the compliment.

[Himmat Singh]
Hey Matey, Nono... gravity plays a part in coin flipping. Know your physics well, and one can flip a coin to their advantage. Since no one could possibly do that, so i guess it all goes back to luck.

[Dak Wan]
Mad mad mad... I'm a mad ninja! Wuahahax3. Anyways, cool article on Lim Goh Tong. You too, keep on bringing all the good articles!

Point accepted. Friends could be defined that way, i suppose.
Wiki is the way to go!