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21 January 2010

Personalizing You by Other Men

"As for me , Headers are pretty much personal . Unconsciously we're judged by our header. It's like a first impression to me , I suppose. So , I am happy to say that I am going to do this for the love of blogs." - Mr.TwiStar

TwiStar: "Headers are pretty much personal."

Ninja: "No they are not. They are designed by people who have no personality. Mainly artist"

TwiStar: " Unconsciously we're judged by our header."

Ninja: "No. Consciously, we're judged by our header."

TwiStar: "It's like a first impression to me , I suppose."

Ninja: "No. Blog address is the first impression. Header, comes second."

TwiStar: "I am happy to say that I am going to do this for the love of blogs."

Ninja: "Love of guys - Gays... Love of women - Lesbian... Love of blogs - Sickening!"

TwiStar: "what you're waiting for? Join in the fun! Because it's gonna be personal!"

Ninja: "Personal? No... Me alone in this blog post is personal. Me and you in this blog post is not exactly personal."

*Assassinates Mr.TwiStar with coffee*
Ninja: "Now it's personal."

Ain't that all fun?
Anyways, the purpose of this blogpost is rather a selfish one. This is a contest post contesting for a blog header. I need a new header, and so happen Mr.TwiStar is offering to design a new header to those who would sell a blogpost in credit to his blog address, http://www.mrtwistar.com.

I could understand how much effort one has to put in the design of a blog header, especially if its for their own. Similarly, I had my frustration when I designed my own header.

I know my header is cool and all, but I'm sure a real ARTIST could do a better job with less effort. And Mr.TwiStar, a student of art is offering to design a header in return for a blogpost. Ain't life good?
Check out the contest @ http://www.mrtwistar.com/2010/01/personalizing-you-season-1.html.

Did you design your own header? If so, do you take pride in your blog header?

6 ninja comment(s):

Jz said...

But i like your header more than his Dx

Dak Wan said...

Good Luck & All the best in the contest dude!

kenwooi said...

mine is pretty simple.. right? =P


Ninja Coffee said...

Thanks. That meant so much for someone who doesn't have background in art.

[Dak Wan]
Turns out I didn't win. Thanks for the encouragement anyhow.

Agreed! Just Kenwooi.com
No fancy image, no fancy pictures. Just plain old Kenwooi.com

Wen Pink said...

I am sorry but AngelKein won the contest already, dear! *hugs*

Ninja Coffee said...

O.o A free hug from WenPink~~
Thats ok. I'll admit, her post is pretty good. (Guess who is gonna disappear from this world today?) Wuahahaha~~~